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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 1350s


A stone fixed on top of something, typically a wall.


(Archaeology) A large flat stone forming a roof over the chamber of a megalithic tomb.

Examples of Capstone in a sentence

"Timothy chose white capstones for the top of the wall for the way they reflected the light."

"The capstone was several hundred pounds, and it took all the assembled archaeologists some time to pry it loose."

About Capstone

This word originated in Middle English from a combination of the words “cap” and “stone,” and references the stone that often “caps” the top of an architectural structure, such as a wall.

Did you Know?

Capstone can be an architectural or archaeological term, but it also applies to other academics. A capstone can be an academic thesis students use to demonstrate their knowledge through a final body of work. A poetry student might create a portfolio focusing on a particular subject or technique for their capstone. What a capstone project looks like depends on the career path a student is pursuing.

illustration Capstone

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