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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, late 17th century


Fruit preserved or cooked in syrup.


A bowl-shaped dessert dish with a stem.

Examples of Compote in a sentence

"The raspberry compote complemented the chef’s pastry perfectly."

"The cabinet was filled with compote dishes of different designs and finishes."

About Compote

This word originated from the Old French word “composte” (mixture) — the perfect description for this mixture of fruit and sugar.

Did you Know?

Fruit compote first appeared in 17th century France. While undoubtedly delicious with sour cream and biscuits (as it was originally served), compote was thought to have a practical effect too. The French originally believed that fruit cooked in sugar syrup helped balance the body’s humidity. Regardless of effect, compote, which was relatively inexpensive and easy to make, became a popular dessert.

illustration Compote

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