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Part of speech: adverb

Origin: Scottish Gaelic, late 18th century


(dated, mainly Scottish) In the direction of the sun's apparent course, considered as lucky; clockwise.

Examples of Deasil in a sentence

"Following the sun, the druids circled Stonehenge deasil."

"I circled the lot deasil while seeking a parking spot."

About Deasil

“Deasil” entered English in the 18th century from the Scots Gaelic “deiseil,” meaning “toward the right.”

Did you Know?

To move in a deasil direction means to move clockwise, which Celts believed followed the course of the sun in a lucky manner. For this reason, many Scottish and Celtic religious processions and other ceremonial occasions included participants walking deasil around a church or site of worship.

illustration Deasil

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