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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, 17th century


A political step or initiative.

Examples of Démarche in a sentence

"The démarche of President Nixon visiting China in 1972 is remembered for warming U.S.-Chinese relations."

"Most politicians have careers full of attempted démarches that never go anywhere, but some are remembered for initiatives that really captured the public’s enthusiasm."

About Démarche

“Démarche” is based on the French verb “démarcher,” meaning “to take steps.”

Did you Know?

One of the features of American democracy is the right for citizens to launch their own political démarches. In many other countries, political programs may be presented and approved only by elected officials; however, the U.S. system of initiatives and referendums gives citizens the ability to introduce legislation to ballots for approval by popular vote. Known in different states and districts as “ballot measures,” “ballot questions,” and “propositions,” these popular decisions have led to legislative changes on démarches as wide-ranging as legalizing cannabis, setting the minimum wage, adopting renewable energy, and recalling elected leaders.

illustration Démarche

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