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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, early 19th century


A narrative or plot, typically in a movie.

Examples of Diegesis in a sentence

"The film's diegesis was full of twists and turns."

"The audience was captivated by the Best Picture winner's intense diegesis."

About Diegesis

Diegesis originates from the Greek word "diēgēsis," which means "narrative." Digesting a good diegesis is a pleasurable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Did you Know?

Do you ever feel a rush of satisfaction when a particularly good movie ends? There's an explanation for that feeling — when you hear a good story, your brain releases feel-good chemicals in the pleasure centers of your brain. Experiencing a good diegesis can be similar to consuming a delicious meal (and just as satisfying).

illustration Diegesis

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