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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: German, early 20th century


Authentic and typical.

Examples of Echt in a sentence

"Joe was an echt New Yorker, complete with the distinctive accent."

"Sara made a slew of echt dishes for Hanukkah."

About Echt

This word stems from the German “echte” and the Yiddish “ekht.”

Did you Know?

Echte is the name of a village in northern Germany, located about 150 miles west of Berlin. In the Middle Ages, it served as a trade node. Skilled craftsmen were a prominent part of the village's population as early as the 17th century. There were many linen weavers, cobblers and carpenters in Echte. The word “echt” comes from both German and Yiddish, meaning something authentic.

illustration Echt

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