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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Late Latin, mid 16th century


to clarify


to make understood by explanation

Examples of Elucidate in a sentence

"I wish the author herself were here to elucidate this confusing paragraph for me."

"Let me try to elucidate the reasons why I ate your sandwich without asking."

About Elucidate

Teachers are known as the best source of elucidation for people around the world. The United Nation's estimates that to provide every child in the world with quality education would require training nearly 70 million more teachers. They've made it their goal to give every child the education they deserve by 2030. That's a goal worth shining a light on.

Did you Know?

The history of elucidate can be traced back to the Latin word lucidus, which means "to shine." When you elucidate something, you shine light on its meaning.

illustration Elucidate

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