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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Middle English, 15th century


Endow or provide with a quality or ability.

Examples of Endue in a sentence

"Max was endued with incredible compassion for his friends’ problems."

"If I’d been endued with a better sense of direction, I wouldn’t be lost right now."

About Endue

“Endue” is related to the Latin “indūcĕre,” from “in-” meaning “into” and “dūcĕre,” meaning “lead.” The word is closely related to “induce,” based on the same Latin root.

Did you Know?

“Endue” is very similar to “endow,” and the two share nearly identical contemporary definitions. However, the two words are based on different Latin roots. “Endue” is from the Latin “indūcĕre,” with the idea of a person being led into certain qualities or abilities. “Endow” is based on the Latin root “dōtāre,” meaning “dowry.” In the 16th century, “endow” originally meant to bestow a dowry upon a woman.

illustration Endue

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