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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 16th century


The addition of words to clarify meaning.


Words added for the purpose of clarifying meaning.

Examples of Epexegesis in a sentence

"Seeing that the audience was confused, Alan quickly added an epexegesis to the end of his speech."

"The publisher encouraged the author to explain the ending with an epexegesis."

About Epexegesis

Epexegesis evolved from the Greek word epexēgēsis, a combination of “epi” (addition) + “exēgēsis” (explanation) — an “additional explanation.”

Did you Know?

An epexegesis can appear in multiple formats — such as the making of footage for films, postscripts on letters, and annotations in journal articles. If it is text that seeks to clarify the meaning of something, then it is an epexegesis.

illustration Epexegesis

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