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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, mid-19th century


(Literary) Pass out of sight, memory, or existence.

Examples of Evanesce in a sentence

"It seemed as if every new concept or command evanesced as quickly as the puppy’s owners taught them."

"The linguist’s research concerns ancient languages and dialects that are evanescing."

About Evanesce

Evanesce developed from the Latin word "evanescere," a combination of "e" ("out of") and "vanus" ("empty").

Did you Know?

Many people find that their dreams evanesce once they wake up. Scientists have a number of different ideas as to why this happens. One common theory is that these memories are inaccessible; chemicals produced by the brain while dreaming recede once people wake up, making even the most vivid dreams evanesce.

illustration Evanesce

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