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Saturday, December 21



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, date unknown


Laughter provoking


Relating to a specific kind of epileptic seizure

Examples of Gelastic in a sentence

"The performance was so gelastic that he could barely catch his breath between laughs."

"His service dog was trained to protect him during a gelastic seizure."

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About Gelastic

Gelastic is an adjective used to describe something that causes laughter. It can be used in a "funny-ha-ha context," but you’re more likely to find it used in a medical context. Certain medications can cause gelastic behavior, and it’s also in the name of a particular type of epileptic seizure.

Did you Know?

The suffix "-ic" means “of or relating to” and when you pair that with the Greek word "gelastikos," or "able to laugh," you get this adjective.

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