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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


Made of earth or clay by a potter; relating to pottery or its manufacture.


Capable of being molded; plastic.

Examples of Fictile in a sentence

"The fictile bowl was misshapen, but made with love."

"The jewelry was made of fictile material."

About Fictile

This word comes from the Latin “fictilis.” The stem “ fict-” means formed, contrived” and derives from the verb “fingere.”

Did you Know?

While many contemporary artists specialize in the fictile arts, Dame Lucie Rie is the one often dubbed “the godmother of modern ceramics.” After fleeing Nazi-occupied Austria, she revolutionized the world of fictile creation by using clay to create thin-walled vessels that were vibrant and unique. She revolutionized the British ceramics world, and several ceramicists have been influenced by her modern approach. But it’s only in more recent years that her work has been held in such high regard.

illustration Fictile

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