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Thursday, April 9



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 19th century


Having or resembling tufts of wool.


Having a loosely clumped texture.

Examples of Flocculent in a sentence

"The flocculent sheep were ready for their spring shearing."

"Your potting soil should be slightly damp and flocculent."

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About Flocculent

If the word flocculent makes you think of a flock of sheep, well, you'd be correct. In Latin, "floccus" means tuft of wool, so the adjective flocculent can apply to the woolly sheep themselves, or anything with a similarly tufty texture.

Did you Know?

The adjective flocculent describes a tufty texture, but there's also a noun, flocculation. This chemical process occurs when clumps of a substance start to form. It's important for water treatment processes and even beer brewing. Yeast flocculation is a vital step in brewing your favorite IPA.

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