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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Mid-19th century


A rainbow made of fog droplets; a white rainbow


An arc or circle of white or yellow seen against the fog

Examples of Fogbow in a sentence

"The children were so startled to see a fogbow that they called it a ghost rainbow. "

"Keep your eyes peeled on an overcast morning; you might be lucky to see a fogbow. "

About Fogbow

You’re likely to see a fogbow when the sun is breaking through the fog, or frequently over the ocean. Sailors sometimes call fogbows “seadogs.” You might also hear it referred to as a cloudbow, mistbow, or white rainbow.

Did you Know?

A fogbow is an almost identical meteorological phenomena to a rainbow, just lacking color. They are both formed from sunlight and moisture and can be seen opposite the sun. But while rainbows use the water droplets in the air to display a range of colors, the fogbow appears white because the water droplets in fog are so small.

illustration Fogbow

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