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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Scottish, 1920s


A small building or area where people can sit outside.


A summer house, conservatory, or gazebo.

Examples of Sitooterie in a sentence

"The sitooterie was set up for a small afternoon party."

"She enjoyed being able to relax and read in the sitooterie for hours."

About Sitooterie

Imagine the 1920s with glamorous outdoor garden parties and soirees. Of course these events would be held in a special place — the sitooterie. This fanciful term was created in Scotland in the 1920s to describe an outdoor sitting area, sometimes a gazebo or other similar structure.

Did you Know?

Sitooterie — it's not a nonsense word, but it has a quite sensible structure. We know the word sit; "oot" is out in a Scottish accent, and the suffix "-ery" denotes a place set aside for something. So sitooterie is naturally a place for outdoor sitting.

illustration Sitooterie

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