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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 18th century


Rapid; fast.

Examples of Velocious in a sentence

"The velocious cyclists blew past the spectators in a blur."

"The roller coaster is too velocious for me to ride."

About Velocious

If you haven’t heard this word before, you might be more familiar with "velocity," a noun given to the speed of motion (whether fast or slow). "Velocious" is an adjective describing speed, but it always refers to a fast speed.

Did you Know?

Velocious comes from the Latin root "vēlōx," meaning "speed." "Velodrome," an indoor arena for bicycle racing, comes from the French word for bicycle, "vélo," but this Romance-language word can also be traced back to the same Latin root for "speed." You could certainly watch a velocious vélo race at the velodrome.

illustration Velocious

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