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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 14th century


Someone who travels about, selling goods on the street or at markets


Someone who hunts with hawks or other birds of prey

Examples of Hawker in a sentence

"The children were excited to see the hawker at the fair because he always had the best candy."

"The hawker trained his birds for years before they were ready to go out on the hunt. "

About Hawker

Do you know the muffin man? He could also be called a hawker. You’ll find these peddlers traveling about, selling small goods door to door. They’ll sometimes set up a semi-permanent station at a market or festival, but they won’t be there for long.

Did you Know?

You’ll also find hawker markets on your travels. In Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong you can visit open air markets with stalls selling various types of inexpensive food. These hawker markets are popular with workers and tourists looking to grab a quick bite to eat.

illustration Hawker

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