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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


(of a seal or closure) complete and airtight.


Insulated or protected from outside influences.

Examples of Hermetic in a sentence

"Thanks to the hermetic seal on the jar, the jam was still good 8 months later."

"The locker room atmosphere was hermetic: the only topic allowed was hockey strategy."

About Hermetic

“Hermetic” refers specifically to Hermes Trismegistus, Greek god of merchants, thieves, and oratory. Hermes was said to have invented a process for applying an airtight seal to glass tubes. Prior to the appearance of “hermetic” in the mid-17th century, “Hermes’ seal” was already being used to describe an airtight closure.

Did you Know?

“Hermetic” the airtight seal and Hermes the Greek god are separate from one another, united only by the legend that Hermes invented such a seal. Hermes — equivalent to Thoth in Egyptian culture, and Mercury in Roman culture — was said to have explored what would today be called occult practices. He is especially associated with the practice of alchemy. In the process of developing alchemy, Hermes is said to have created a method for applying airtight seals to glass vessels.

illustration Hermetic

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