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Sunday, January 17



Part of speech: adverb

Origin: Unknown, mid 19th century


All at once.

Examples of Holus-Bolus in a sentence

"Everything was happening holus-bolus, and I couldn't keep up."

"After a lull in my business, holus-bolus, I have all sorts of great opportunities."

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About Holus-Bolus

Holus-bolus possibly originated as a pseudo-Latin rhyme based on the phrase "whole bolus" (all at once), but might also come from the Greek word "hólos bôlos" (clump of earth).

Did you Know?

When it seems like everything is happening holus-bolus (all at once), it might seem bad to procrastinate. However, sometimes taking a step back from something overwhelming is exactly what you need to figure out a different approach.

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