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Thursday, September 16



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid 16th century


Existing or operating within; inherent.


(Of God) permanently pervading and sustaining the universe.

Examples of Immanent in a sentence

"The role of government is immanent in the Constitution."

"Teri’s research paper discussed whether altruism is an immanent trait or a learned one."

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About Immanent

This word stems from the late Latin “immanent,” meaning “remaining within.” Comes from “in-” + “manere,” meaning “remain.”

Did you Know?

”Immanent” is easily confused with “imminent” and “eminent” since they all sound quite similar. However, “imminent” refers to something happening soon, while “eminent” describes something that stands out prominently. “Immanent” is an adjective for an inherent quality.

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