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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, early 20th century


Uncontrollable talkativeness


A tendency toward overly complex wordiness in speech or writing

Examples of Logorrhea in a sentence

"His speech started out strong, but devolved into incoherent logorrhea that was hard to follow."

"When writing a term paper, avoid unnecessary logorrhea and stick to the point."

About Logorrhea

A good editor can help any writer transform confusing logorrhea into something more coherent and easy to read. That’s a step in the writing process author Lucy Ellmann might have skipped — her 1,000-plus-page book “Ducks, Newburyport” is mostly one single sentence. Clearly she did something right, though: the novel is nominated for the prestigious Booker Prize for 2019.

Did you Know?

The Ancient Greek word logos means "word" or "utterance." It's also the root for English words like logo, logotype, and logolatry, the worship of words.

illustration Logorrhea

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