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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, 20th century


Showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness.

Examples of Ludic in a sentence

"In a ludic moment, my mother made a detour after school and took me to drive go-karts for an hour."

"Magicians and other ludic performers are guaranteed to put on an exciting show."

About Ludic

Ludic is an anglicization of the French "ludique," meaning "playful." It is based on the Latin root "ludus," meaning "play."

Did you Know?

Pantomime is a ludic tradition popular in England. Combining musical comedy theater and slapstick with extensive audience participation (including cheering heroes, booing villains, and yelling warnings to characters onstage), pantomime offers families and especially young children the opportunity for an immersive experience quite different from the seriousness of dramatic theater. Though pantomime emerged in England in the 1600s, modern pantomimes continue to be a popular Christmas tradition, and the ludic, spontaneous influences of the art form can be seen in improvisational comedy today.

illustration Ludic

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