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Thursday, September 26



Part of speech: noun

Origin: American English, 1924


A timid or meek individual


Someone who is not assertive

Examples of Milquetoast in a sentence

"I love Jerry, but he can be a bit of a milquetoast when it comes to standing up for himself."

"Don't be such a milquetoast — go out there and tell them what you want."

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About Milquetoast

If you’re a milquetoast — someone who is timid or shy — you might want to hire a professional line holder to ensure nobody takes your place in a long queue. These people can make as much as $25 per hour holding your spot in a lengthy line so you don’t waste your time.

Did you Know?

This unique word was inspired by the meek character Caspar Milquetoast in a 1920s comic strip called "The Timid Soul." The name Milquetoast was inspired by milk toast, a British dish featuring buttered toast served in hot milk.

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