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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Unknown, early 20th century


A small endearingly sweet child.

Examples of Moppet in a sentence

"Carl is the father of three adorable moppets."

"My brother is six feet tall now, but he used to be such a moppet."

About Moppet

Moppet is an English word through and through. The noun first evolved from the now-obsolete word “moppe,” which means “baby” or “rag doll.”

Did you Know?

There’s a very big difference between referring to someone as a “muppet” and as a “moppet.” A moppet is a small, endearing child, while a muppet is a term for a combination puppet and marionette as coined by puppeteer Jim Henson. Still cute, but muppets tend to be shaggier.

illustration Moppet

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