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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, late 16th century


darken, dim, or cover with or as if with a cloud; obscure

Examples of Obnubilate in a sentence

"The overcast skies didn’t obnubilate the car’s newly waxed, gleaming exterior."

"Cory refused to allow the sudden downpour to obnubilate his good mood."

About Obnubilate

This word developed from the Latin word “obnubilat,” which means “covered with clouds or fog.”

Did you Know?

The power of clouds to obnubilate, both figuratively or literally, is a popular concept in music, especially from folk singer Joni Mitchell. In “Both Side Now” she croons, “I've looked at clouds from both sides now / From up and down and still somehow / It's cloud's illusions I recall / I really don't know clouds at all.”

illustration Obnubilate

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