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Part of speech: adverb

Origin: Location unknown, 15th century


Nevertheless; however.

Examples of Howbeit in a sentence

"I’ve never been to Spain before, howbeit, I know a lot about the culture."

"Jerrod wasn’t interested in the squabble, howbeit, he was pulled into the argument."

About Howbeit

This word stems from the contraction of “hough be hit” or “how be it,” meaning “"be it as it may, notwithstanding, nevertheless, yet; notwithstanding that."

Did you Know?

“Howbeit” sounds like another word used more commonly in the 21st century: “albeit.” Both can be used as conjunctions and are, in fact, synonyms. Because “albeit” is a contraction of “all be it” and “although it be” from the late 14th century, it’s very possible that “howbeit” comes from the same Middle English origins.

illustration Howbeit

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