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Part of speech: noun

Origin: British English, early 19th century


A cozy or comfortable place, especially someone's private room or den.


Another term for snug, a small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn.

Examples of Snuggery in a sentence

"The hidden snuggery behind the kitchen is my favorite room in the house."

"The extra room was supposed to be an office, but it turned into a reading snuggery."

About Snuggery

A snuggery is probably exactly what you are envisioning in your head: A cozy little nook filled with comfortable chairs, pillows, blankets, and books. Or whatever your personal dream den would be filled with.

Did you Know?

Do you know the word hygge (pronounced HOO-gah)? It’s a Danish word meaning cozy, but it’s also a modern obsession with all things comforting and content. Having a snuggery is a key element of reaching the perfect state of hygge.

illustration Snuggery

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