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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 14th century


A secluded residence


The home of a hermit

Examples of Hermitage in a sentence

"We bought our lake home with five acres of land because we needed a hermitage to escape to. "

"While walking through the woods, the kids discovered a hermitage that seemed abandoned."

About Hermitage

Hermit, one who lives in seclusion, plus the suffix “-age,” meaning place of living or business, gives you hermitage. While you can use it quite literally to describe the home of a hermit, it is also used to describe a retreat or hideaway. You can also apply it to describe a religious dwelling, such as a monastery.

Did you Know?

Yes, hermitage means an isolated or secluded residence, but it’s such a great sounding word that it’s been adopted as the name of many towns and villages. You can visit Hermitage in England (in Dorset and Berkshire!), Scotland, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and even the U.S. Virgin Islands.

illustration Hermitage

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