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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, mid-17th century


An unfilled space or interval; a gap. A missing portion in a book or manuscript.


(Anatomy) A cavity or depression, especially in bone.

Examples of Lacuna in a sentence

"The lacuna in the manuscript made it a confusing read."

"Her forearm had a lacuna due to improper bone development."

About Lacuna

This word comes from the Latin “lacuna,” meaning "hole, pit," or in a figurative sense, "a gap, void, want." It is a diminutive of “lacus,” meaning "pond, lake; hollow, opening."

Did you Know?

Lacunas can pop up across many disciplines. In music, a lacuna is an extended, intentional passage during which no notes are played. A scientific lacuna is an area of science that has yet to be studied. A lacuna in the legal realm is similar to a “non liquet” (English translation is “it is not clear”), or a situation where there is no applicable law.

illustration Lacuna

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