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Friday, June 3



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, pre-12th century


(Scottish, Northern English) A turnip.

Examples of Neep in a sentence

"Joanna made a creamy neep soup."

"Cedric has perfected the art of growing neeps."

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About Neep

This word stems from the Middle English “nepe,” from the Old English “nǣp.” This comes from the Latin “napus,” meaning “turnip.”

Did you Know?

In Scotland a turnip is called a “neep,” but sometimes so is a rutabaga (which is also called a “swede”). “Neeps and tatties” is a traditional Scottish dish made of mashed neeps and mashed potatoes. It’s usually eaten as a side dish to haggis during Burns Night Supper, which marks the anniversary of Scottish poet Robert Burns’ birth on January 25.

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