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Monday, May 10



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Middle English, mid 1300s


Loyal, reliable, and hardworking.


(dated) Strongly built and sturdy.

Examples of Stalwart in a sentence

"John remained a stalwart supporter of the Chicago Cubs no matter the outcome of the game."

"The old house was still as stalwart as it was in 1902."

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About Stalwart

Stalwart originated in Late Middle English as a Scots variant of the obsolete word “stalworth,” a combination of the Old English words “stǣl” (place) and “weorth” (worth).

Did you Know?

Many television and radio stations rely heavily on stalwart supporters in order to survive. PBS has been made famous by its slogan that says production is possible by “viewers like you.” The statement is formulated to emphasize the importance of viewer support.

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