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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Old English, 15th century


Fit for or appropriate to a queen.

Examples of Queenly in a sentence

"She was queenly and confident as she walked down the aisle."

"Her queenly accent was the only hint of her childhood in London."

About Queenly

That "-ly" tacked onto the end of the noun "queen" turns it into an adjective. The real world doesn't have as many monarchs as fairy tales do, so you can use this royal adjective to describe anyone with queen-like qualities.

Did you Know?

Queenly can be used in different forms to represent comparisons. Queenly means "like a queen." Queenlier means "more like a queen than you." Queenliest is the superlative form, meaning "more queenly than any other queens out there."

illustration Queenly

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